xDI 5.3.8 is available!

We have released today on semarchy.com Semarchy xDI 5.3.8 (core products + components).

You can read the release notes (5.3.8, Actian Avalanche, Actian Vectorwise, Amazon, Base, Couchbase, HashiCorp Vault, Google BigQuery, IBM Netezza, Kafka, Microsoft Excel, Snowflake, Spark).

New Features

  • DI-6340: Connectors: The Copy VWLOAD Error Limit and Copy VWLOAD Quote options  have been added to the LOAD BigQuery to Avalanche template.
  • DI-6262: Connectors: The technology definition has been updated to mention that  indexes are not supported. Thus, the generic templates do not try to  create indexes on this database.
  • DI-6251: Connectors: The  Path-Style Access option has been added to Amazon s3 metadata and the  Action Process Ref TOOL AWS - S3. The option allows users to enable  path-style URL access to AWS in all regions.
  • DI-6249: Connectors: The core RDBMS product has been improved. The information  about the databases' support for indexing is now included within the  technology definition.
  • DI-6242: Connectors: The Copy VWLOAD  Error Limit and Copy VWLOAD Quote options have been added to the LOAD  RDBMS to Avalanche template.
  • DI-6239: Connectors: The Disable  Certificate Checking option has been added to Amazon s3 metadata and the  Action Process Ref TOOL AWS - S3. The option allows users to disable  certificate verification for development and testing purposes.
  • DI-6238: Connectors: The Create Statistics on Target Table option has been added  to the INTEGRATION Vectorwise template. This option allows calculating  statistics on the target table using the CREATE STATISTICS FOR  statement.
  • DI-5991: Connectors: When creating Couchbase  metadata, users can now add the limit and skip fields in the FTS Query.  These fields can be used to define the number of results to retrieve and  to skip. This is useful in implementing paginated results.
  • DI-5878: Connectors: Support HashiCorp Vault namespaces.
  • DI-5896: Connectors, Runtime: A new template has been added to write JSON files  using the JSON Lines Format: INTEGRATION Rdbms to JSON Lines.

Bug Fixes

  • DI-6093: Analytics: When importing a source package with or without  documentation, the button for accessing the documentation is enabled or  disabled based on whether or not the previous version of the package  contained documentation.
  • DI-6086: Analytics: Session Reports'  auto-refresh queries are unexpectedly stacking when the one currently  running takes longer than expected.
  • DI-6030: Analytics, Designer: The log level property is not displayed in the delivery editor.
  • DI-5976: Analytics, Runtime: The runtime’s default log level is ignored when  running a delivery from the navigator’s right-click context menu.
  • DI-5875: Analytics: A performance issue is observed in Session Reports while  querying a large session logs database, no matter the sessions' number  limit defined in the filters.
  • DI-6322: Connectors: Avalanche  load templates ignore the storage folder and write files in the bucket’s  root folder. Moreover when the mapping is executed, the clean step  fails to delete the temporary files.
  • DI-6321: Connectors: In  mappings, Avalanche load templates fail to use the alias of the source  datastore, thus generating an incorrect query for exporting data.
  • DI-6304: Connectors: When using Kafka structured as the source and an RDBMS  table as stage target, the load template fails to load data into the  stage as well as into the temporary load tables.
  • DI-6218: Connectors: The Replicator Rdbms tool fails to correctly generate the  names of the tables that use delimiters in their names.
  • DI-6181: Connectors: The Replicator Rdbms tries to create indexes even when target databases do not support indexing.
  • DI-6158: Connectors: The Template INTEGRATION File (FileExport) template does  not respect the case of the source column names when generating the file  header.
  • DI-5872: Connectors: The decimal precision defined is unexpectedly ignored.
  • DI-6317: License Service: CVE-2022-25857 and CVE-2022-38752 - SnakeYAML third-party library upgrade.

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