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How to use meta link folder on mapping


version : xDi 2023.1.5

I see that we can drag and drop a folder metadata type on a mapping.

I assume that we can than use a syntax for maybe modify the folder on  a generated file for example.

But how to do that ?


i simply tried %x{$test/tech:path()}x% but with no success..






Dropping the metadata on mapping will not work. Instead:

1.) Use a Parameter (Input) to provide the file path and configure the property in outfile name as ${~/parametername}$

2.) Use a Wait file action and drag n drop the test directory metadata on it and point to the specific file in its properties. Then add a Start Delivery to point to the Mapping's Delivery. In the Start Delivery action add a new parameter (let's say p_file_name) and in its value provide :{file_name}:

Inside your mapping, in the Outfile Mask put ${~/p_file_name}$

Now, build the delivery of your mapping and then execute the process (File wait provides the full path to the mapping's Outfile mask via p_file_name). This way you can drive the value through the file metadata.

Above stated are two options and not steps for one single approach

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