Generating XML Files is quite easy with Stambia DI. This article provides general information and some useful tips.

First step: tutorial

As a first step, we highly recommend going through the XML tutorial. It is available from the Designer's help, or from the Reference Documentation website

General information about XML File generation

  • The XML File name can be defined in the XML Metadata ("Default XML Path" on the Metadata XML Schema node, or "Xml Path" on the Metadata XML Root node), and it can be overriden in the Template's "Out File Name" or "Out File Mask" parameter. 
  • When mapping data from a source to the XML Structure, you need to specify what are the iteration keys. To do this, make sure to check the propery "Use as key" on the iteration field. In the above screenshot, "customerSummary/customer" is set as a key and is mapped with the Customer Id.
  • A target XML File should always have at least one element mapped with the "Use as key" option - this can be the root element or a subelement.

Troubleshooting XML File generation

Checking XML File properties

The file generated is the one indicated in the OUT_FILE_NAME variable of the SqlToXml action, after execution. 

In these Variables you can also find the File Size (OUT_FILE_SIZE) and the number of files generated (OUT_NB_FILES). 

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