This article gives information about how to add one (or more) element to a XML metadata, if it is not already present in the metadata. For example, the metadata has been created by reversing a wsdl, which is not complete. A WebService returns elements, not present in the metadata. 

How is it possible to update the metadata ?

With Stambia, that's very easy to enhance a metadata !

This metadata was created from a Wsdl or xsd file. The element customer contains only attributes.

Create a metadata from the complete XML file

Get the XML file which contains data you need to reverse and create a metadata from this file.

Browse the XML file you want to import in the Default Xml Path.

Browse the XML File in the Xsd Path too

and then click on Generate to use this XML File as a Xsd model.

This dialog box opens : replace the Xsd file.

Then click on Refresh

Select the root element you need and reverse it in the metadata.

Add element to the original metadata

From this metadata, select the sequence or element you want to add to the original metadata. (Here, we want to add the complete sequence)

Right-click on the sequence or element and copy it.

Go to the original metadata and select the root, element or sequence in which you want to add something (here the element customer) and right-click on it and select Paste.

The selected sequence has been added to the element.

The  complete Xml file can be reversed into the original metadata : its structure is now complete.