When you simply need to transform a XML File, its content or structure for example, you can use the Xslt Transformation action, available in processes.

Original XML File

In this example file, we want to transform each element FLD in an element named with its attribute NAME.

Make a xslt script

We can either use an external XSLT file like in this exemple, or omit the XSLT_FILE_NAME parameter and write the xslt code directly in the Expression Editor.

Create the process with Xslt Transformation action

The action Xslt Transformation can be found in the process palette and can be used like this :

1- Indicate the In File Name, 

2- Indicate either Output Directory or Out File Name (but not both) 

3- and give the Xslt File Name if the Xslt code is in an external file.

Execute the process and access the transformed file

Here is the transformed XML file, created by the execution of the process.