In this tab, you can define the Runtimes that Analytics will connect to. 

Defining Runtimes is usefull for:

- deploying Deliveries to Runtimes

- managing Deliveries in a Runtime and defining Schedules

Note: it is not necessary to define Runtimes when you just need to consult Sessions: instead, define Log Databases. 

Generally, a global Analytics instance contains all your organization's Runtimes. 

Tip: make sure to give them appropriate names. For example "PROD_RUNTIME_BATCH" and "PROD_RUNTIME_WEBSERVICES"

Log Databases

This is necessary when using Analytics for consulting Sessions.

See this article for more information: Session Reports, Runtimes and Log Databases


A Profile is a group of Runtimes and Log Databases which affects the informations displayed by Analytics. 

Note: Profiles do not affect how Deployment Projects work. 

A good practice is to define a Profile for each kind of environment. 

For example: a profile for DEV, TEST, PRODUCTION... 


Environments are used in Deployment Projects for building and deploying Deliveries to Runtimes.