In mappings, when trying to drag and drop a field from a datastore to another datastore column, nothing happens. The Join / Map choice menu does not appear, the field is not mapped/joined.

This behavior occurs for any mapping (not only certain ones).

The same mapping/workspace used on another machine or with another pointing device (mouse) works fine.



Some pointing device hardwares (some trackpads) prevent Stambia DI Designer from detecting the drag and drop event.

These are the possible workarounds:

  • Using another hardware or driver version can sometimes solve the problem
  • Enabling the alternate Map/Join display mode:
    • Designer version S19.0.8 or above: Check this Preference entry: Window > Preferences > Stambia > Mapping > "Map or Join in Popup Control".
    • Older Designer versions: set this parameter in the stambia.ini file (or stambia32.ini):
      => it will enable an alternate Map/Join choice dialog.