Once you have been informed by the Support that a Bug or an Enhancement has been created, you can follow the R&D ticket status from our Portal.
The Support team is closing the Support ticket, but it does not prevent you from following the R&D progress.

On the Portal, go to the Tickets tab and select the "Resolved or Closed" view

Once you have selected your ticket from the list, you can check its Current R&D status on the right panel, just under the Type dropdown.

Find below a list of status examples.

"Current R&D status" examples
Bug MDM-12345 Under ConsiderationThe Bug is being considered by the Product team but not approved yet
Bug DI-12345 in Progress in 2024.2 (MS) (planned for Mar 15, 2024)The Bug is being worked by the Dev team and planned to be released in 2024.2 (planned for a targeted date)
Bug MDM-12345 Released in 2024.1.1 (Patch)(Jan 22, 2024)The Bug is released in the indicated Patch
Story DI-12345 Under considerationThe Enhancement is being considered by the Product team, but not approved yet
Story MDM-12345 Relevant in 2023.1.10 (Patch), 2024.1.2(Patch)(planned on )The Enhancement is approved by the Product team and the Dev team is planning to release it on the Planned version (no target date in that example)
Story DI-12345 Released in 2023.3.0 (Jun 15, 2023)The Enhancement is released in the indicated Patch

Please be advised that when a Bug or Story is planned, there is no commitment from the development team to release it. Although they are exerting their utmost efforts, they are unable to commit to a specific date due to numerous factors that may interfere.