Semarchy xDI 2023.1.1 is available!

We have released today on Semarchy xDI 2023.1.1.

You can read the release notes (2023.1.1, Avro, Google Sheets, Google Cloud Storage Delivery Repository,HTTP REST, Microsoft Azure,MySQL, Oracle, Salesforce, xDM).

New Features

  • DI-7221: Connectors: The *XpathExpressionForAzureStorage* option has been added to the *Azure Storage Operation* tool. 
  • DI-7038: Runtime: New system properties have been added to configure Runtime graceful shutdown delay.

Bug Fixes

  • DI-7347: Designer: The reverse engineering of composite primary keys is incorrect.
  • DI-7341: Designer: When the `buildPackage` command is executed in command line,  special characters are not decoded properly in generated files.
  • DI-7333: Designer: Unable to reverse engineer RDBMS Metadata Queries, various errors are raised.
  • DI-7219: Designer: Mappings metadata and processes cannot be rebuilt from a folder or a project in *Project Explorer*. 
  • DI-7196: Designer: In the Designer CLI, the `buildDelivery` and `patch` commands return `command not found`.
  • DI-7160: Designer: The EULA displayed in the Software Update Installation page contains malformed characters.
  • DI-7134: Designer: An error is thrown when renaming a project while background operations are running in Designer.
  • DI-7122: Analytics, Designer: No error message is displayed when an end date earlier than start date is set in a schedule.
  • DI-6997: Designer: Review the the UI of the Metadata Editor properties to fix several glitches and issues.
  • DI-6874: Designer: When the `buildPackage` command is executed in command line,  the generated documentation does not contain the process and mapping  diagrams in some situations
  • DI-6873: Designer, Runtime: User custom userLogs are ignored when a delivery is executed from an UberJar.
  • DI-7262: Connectors: OAuth2 requests a new token even if a former token is still valid.
  • DI-7223: Connectors: In *Rdbms* metadata, the tables, schemas, query folders,  and queries no are not displayed in the alphabetical order.
  • DI-7192: Connectors: In a mapping between a file and Greenplum, the *Load S3  File to Greenplum* template is selected by default even when the files  are not located in S3.
  • DI-7171: Connectors: The *Azure Storage Operation* tool throws the _BlobServiceClient not found in namespace_ error.
  • DI-7167: Connectors: Mappings with the *Integration Cassandra to Cassandra (Datastax Driver)* template do not work.
  • DI-7150: Connectors: The build of deliveries fails if the path is not defined in the _engineParameters.xml_ file.
  • DI-7142: Connectors: When using the MariaDB third-party pack, MySQL's JDBC URL is proposed instead of the MariaDB's JDBC URL.
  • DI-7139: Connectors: When loading RDBMS data to Avro, the `com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonParseException` error is thrown.
  • DI-7132: Connectors: In the *INTEGRATION Oracle to File (sqlplus)* template, the sort feature does not work.
  • DI-7119: Connectors: In the *Integration Semarchy xDM* template, the values mapped to the LoadID column are ignored.
  • DI-7103: Connectors: In the *Integration Semarchy xDM* template, the *Load  Status Variable Path* option is not taken into account.
  • DI-7100: Connectors: In the *Integration Semarchy xDM* template, the subquery  generated in the *Insertion of rows in target* actions is incorrect.
  • DI-7093: Connectors: The hardcoded authentication mechanism has been removed  from the code and the Google Application Default Credentials mechanism  is used instead.
  • DI-7090: Connectors: In the *Cancel Load* xDM tool, the *DoCleanupSDTables* action does not work on MSSQL databases.
  • DI-7089: Connectors: An error is thrown if the Part Name field contains square brackets, that is, `[` and `]` characters.
  • DI-7075: Connectors: The transaction dedicated JAR usage in code has been removed.
  • DI-6747: Connectors: When there are many error items for the same data line in  the XML files returned by Salesforce, only one error is read.
  • DI-6578: Connectors: In the *Load Rdbms to Snowflake* template, when the *String  Delimiter* option is enabled, the mapping fails to compile.
  • DI-6515: Connectors: Third-party library upgrade - Azure External Resolver.
  • DI-7326: Runtime: Soap Endpoints: the error ""Internal Server Error net.sf.saxon.trans.XPathException"" is raided when trying to access soap endpoints.
  • DI-7313: Runtime: Processes with special characters in the name are not displayed in the *Navigator* view.
  • DI-7278: Runtime: Deliveries deployed has Web services are not executed if the delivery name contains a space.
  • DI-7216: Runtime: Some RDBMS metadata pooling parameters are ignored.
  • DI-7208: Runtime: Incoming http requests are rejected when the `<allow>`  node is not defined in the _engineParameters.xml_ file.
  • DI-7201: Runtime: The *Log Level* is not returned by the runtime in the schedule details.
  • DI-7187: Runtime: The SQL initialization script fails if the request ends with a semicolon.
  • DI-7159: Runtime: Designer's _Stop Local Runtime_ and Runtime's stopengine  scripts fail when the Designer is installed in a folder whose name has  space characters.
  • DI-7153: Runtime: The runtime startup errors logs are not logged into the _xdi-runtime.log_ default output file.
  • DI-7140: Runtime: When a delivery is started with the *Deliv Memory Mode*  parameter set to _false_, the process fails even though the delivery is  successfully started.
  • DI-7133: Runtime: The *DESERIALIZER Rdbms  String as Json* template produces conversion error with databases that  do not have implicit conversions.
  • DI-7005: Runtime: The *Delete Files* tool does not take into account the *Del Case Sensitive* option.
  • DI-6714: Runtime: The external value syntax `(%ext{}ext%)` in a password does not work when the syntax is provided as text.
  • DI-7269: Analytics: Third-party library upgrade - jQuery.
  • DI-7200: Analytics: The RMI deprecation message is truncated.
  • DI-7199: Analytics: The *Boundary Mode* value is not saved in session reports properties.
  • DI-7144: Analytics: The _Strict_ *Boundary Mode* only considers the date and not the time precision.
  • DI-7138: Analytics: When adding a new runtime in Analytics administration, the  default host and port proposed are _localhost_ and _42000_.
  • DI-7137: Analytics: The *Disable Log Database Proxy* parameter is not applied  when having multiple runtimes with the same sessions log database  configured with different values.
  • DI-7250: License Service: The  `<html>` tags of the _notice.html_ and _license.html_ pages have  neither the `lang` nor the `xml:lang` attributes.
  • DI-7249: License Service: The `<html>` tags of the _notice.html_ and  _license.html_ pages have neither the `lang` nor the `xml:lang`  attributes.
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