Semarchy xDI 2023.1.7 is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDI 2023.1.7.

You can read the release notes (2023.1.7BaseCassandraChange Data CaptureElasticsearchGoogle BigQueryHTTP RESTMicrosoft Azure Table StorageMongoDBSnowflakeVertica).

New Features

  • DI-7889: Allow parameters in the scheduler configuration file to properly use environment variables

  • DI-8586: Upgraded third-party libraries.

  • DI-8593: Upgraded third-party libraries.

  • DI-8038: Add support for MongoDB version 6.x.

  • DI-8088: Process tool Vertica to Parquet missing from Vertica component

Bug Fixes

  • DI-8386: Upgraded D3JS third-party library.

  • DI-8831: Upgraded third-party libraries.

  • DI-8737: xDI Designer freezes when moving items in the project explorer

  • DI-8783: Special character are not handled correctly when using the "WKS:/" prefix to select files in CLI mode

  • DI-8872: Executing an Uber runtime does not generate a mapping execution log.

  • DI-699: File driver stops processing a delimited or positional file when it encounters an empty line

  • DI-8125: Loss of precision when loading a REAL into a DOUBLE field

  • DI-8451: Remove unused metadata parameter from the file driver JDBC URL

  • DI-8681: Delivery cannot be deleted if the internal scheduler is not started

  • DI-8703: Unclosed statement in exception block

  • DI-8733: When a runtime is configured to use synchFirstLog mode with log level 0, Java session threads will never close

  • DI-8791: SQL To Parameters failure causes a connection pooling error

  • DI-8806: Runtime connection leaks when using autocommit connections

  • DI-8835: When generating a delivery, configuration files with multi-line properties are not properly parsed

  • DI-8865: Upgraded Spring Boot third-party libraries.

  • DI-8623: Upgraded Netty third-party libraries

  • DI-8272: The REST wizard mismatches the input and output nodes when performing a reverse engineering with WSDL technology

  • DI-8427: Disable connection pooling for the file driver

  • DI-8451: Remove unused metadata parameter from the file driver JDBC URL

  • DI-7194: When trying to connect to Cassandra from the wizard, the connection always appears successful regardless of which properties were specified.

  • DI-8675: Performance issues when reading a full DB2-400 journal to retrieve the last sequence number

  • DI-8799: Error when parsing datetime fields

  • DI-8726: External Value Resolver token is not automatically renewed

  • DI-8747: External Value Resolver token is not automatically revoked when executing session with the startdelivery command

  • DI-8273: The REST wizard mismatches reversed nodes when used multiple times without closing the REST metadata it is launched from

  • DI-8621: Upgraded Netty third-party libraries.

  • DI-8808: Fix component dependencies

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