Semarchy xDI 2023.1.8 is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDI 2023.1.8.

You can read the release notes (2023.1.8, Amazon, Base, Couchbase, Google Platform, HTTP REST, JMS, Kafka, SAP, Snowflake, xDM).

New Features

  • DI-8426: Certify PostgreSQL versions 15.x and 16.x for use as backend databases.

  • DI-8767: Certify Microsoft SQL Server 2022 for use as a backend database.

  • DI-8963: Certify Oracle version 21c for use as a backend database.

  • DI-8738: Generate correct URL to access runtime Swagger/OpenAPI definitions behind a load balancer.

  • DI-7983: Add delimiters around object names in generated queries when they contain reserved characters.

Bug Fixes

  • DI-8961: *TOOL AWS - S3*: Processes stop on the *AssumeRole* step when the Large Files API is used.

  • DI-8516: The XPath function `tech:rejectedBy()` in Reject Templates generates an incorrect expression.

  • DI-8786: Template *INTEGRATION File (FileExport)*: missing column name in the template.

  • DI-8854: Template *INTEGRATION RDBMS to Couchbase (N1QL JSON Export)*: JSON files are created for each result even when the template should output a single JSON file containing all results.

  • DI-8154: *TOOL GCS Put Blobs*: Don't create an empty file when the *Existing Blobs Behavior* parameter is set to `ignore`.

  • DI-8851: Update JSON third-party libraries.

  • DI-8926: Update SnakeYAML third-party libraries.

  • DI-8924: Update Apache ActiveMQ third-party libraries.

  • DI-8759: Update Apache Avro third-party libraries.

  • DI-8830: Update JSON third-party libraries.

  • DI-8861: Temporary tables are not cleaned up correctly at the end of a process.

  • DI-8908: JDBC connection properties are cached beyond their expected expiration period.

  • DI-8917: Missing P_USERNAME declaration in Oracle database process flow.

  • DI-8564: The error "Wrong user name or password" is displayed when migrating the built-in scheduler database from a version prior to 2023.1.4.

  • DI-8741: Executing a command with the operating system command action takes longer than executing the same command externally.

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