Semarchy xDI 2024.1.0 LTS is available!

Today we released Semarchy xDI 2024.1.0 (Long-Term Support Release) on

This LTS consolidates the features that were released through the Semarchy xDI 2023.x cycle. Serializers are also introduced in the xDI Designer, allowing users to transform and integrate complex hierarchical data structures into single text columns. Furthermore, columns can now be targets in mapping expressions. 

We have continued to enhance our connector library with new connectors for Azure Service Bus and Cosmos DB, as well as the introduction of Snowflake Snowpipe and Elasticsearch 8 support. 

Metrics and health information monitoring are now available in the xDI Runtime. Finally, Java 21 is now supported, with continued support for Java 17. 

You can download the software, and get further information from the release notes. (2024.1.0AmazonAmazon S3 Delivery RepositoryAmazon Secret ManagerAvroBaseCassandraChange Data CaptureCouchbaseDbaseElasticsearchGoogle BigQueryGoogle Cloud Storage Delivery RepositoryGoogle Cloud PlatformGoogle Cloud Secret ManagerGoogle SheetsGreenplumHadoopHashiCorp VaultHTTP RestIBM DB2,  IBM InformixIBM Lotus NotesIBM NetezzaJMSKafkaMicrosoft AzureMicrosoft Azure Blob Storage Delivery RepositoryMicrosoft Azure CosmosDBMicrosoft Azure Key VaultMicrosoft Azure Table StorageMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft SQL ServerMongoDBMySQLPostgreSQLSalesforceSnowflakeSQream DBTeradataVerticaxDM).

Thank you for being a valued part of the Semarchy community.

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