Semarchy xDI 2023.1.9 is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDI 2023.1.9.

You can read the release notes (2023.1.9, Amazon, Avro, Cassandra, Google BigQuery, Greenplum, Hadoop, Kafka, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Table Storage, Oracle, Salesforce, Snowflake).

New Features

DI-7209: Connectors: Implement error and bulk concurrency management in the Salesforce Bulk V2 template.

DI-7967: Connectors: Add support for retrying a query after the following errors: '500 internalError', '400 tableUnavailable', and '403 quotaExceeded'.

Bug Fixes

DI-7181: Runtime: SQL File Export process Action: timestamps cannot be exported with precision greater than milliseconds.

DI-7328: Designer: Fix inability to create a stage or deserializer when dragging and dropping a schema into a mapping, on Linux instances of {di-designer-name-short}.

DI-7958: Connectors: Template LOAD File to GreenPlum: various bug fixes and internal improvements.

DI-8417: Connectors: Update Okio third-party libraries.

DI-8555: Connectors: TOOL HDFS File Connect: variable values are not initialized correctly in BeanShell scripts.

DI-8753: Connectors: The Cassandra wizard ignores the specified hostname and port, and tries to connect to localhost instead.

DI-8824: Connectors: Update Apache ZooKeeper third-party libraries.

DI-8829: Connectors: Update JSON third-party libraries.

DI-8938: Connectors: Template INTEGRATION Oracle: Fix compatibility between 'append' integration strategy and 'useDistinct' option calculating sequence on target.

DI-8957: Connectors: TOOL AWS - S3: Fix missing element and xPath expression for 'assume role' authentication.

DI-8994: Connectors: Update Netty third-party libraries.

DI-8995: Connectors: Update Netty third-party libraries.

DI-9036: Analytics: Fix page access over OpenAPI 3 URL.

DI-9060: Connectors: Add support for binary data types.

DI-9251: Runtime: Support PPK v3 private key files in SSH server metadata.

DI-9262: Runtime: Fix string delimiters for empty values in the SQL FILE EXPORT process action.

DI-9276: Designer;Runtime: Fix 'java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.indy.engine.uberbuilder.executor.UberRunner$Executor' error when executing an uber jar file.

DI-9278: Designer: Fix CLI builds of multiple deliveries at once with multiple user-defined functions.

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