Semarchy xDI 2024.2.0 is available!

Today we released Semarchy xDI 2024.2.0 (Mainstream Support release) on

This MS release introduces a number of new features. Improvements have been made to Runtime monitoring, improving visibility of health checks and capability to gather scheduler metrics. The Snowflake connector has been improved to provide Snowpipe streaming support in the Snowflake replicator. The Azure Cosmos DB connector now provides support for Table storage and the Cassandra flavor. Finally, we have introduced an XML as RDBMS String serializer. 

You can download the software, and get further information from the release notes. (2024.2.0AmazonAmazon S3 Delivery RepositoryAmazon Secret ManagerAvroBaseCouchbaseDatabricksElasticsearchFirebirdGoogle BigQueryGoogle Cloud PlatformGoogle Cloud Secret ManagerGoogle Cloud Storage Delivery RepositoryGreenplumHadoopHashiCorp VaultHTTP RESTJMSKafkaMicrosoft AzureMicrosoft Azure Cosmos DBMicrosoft Azure Service BusMicrosoft Azure Table StorageMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft SQL ServerMongoDBMySQLOracleParquetPostgreSQL).

Thank you for being a valued part of the Semarchy community.

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