Semarchy xDI 2023.1.12 is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDI 2023.1.12.

You can read the release notes ( 2023.1.12, Avro, Greenplum, HashiCorp Vault, HTTP REST, Microsoft Excel, MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL).

New Features

    • DI-6371: Added support for using aggregation functions when Change Data Capture is active.

    • DI-6620: Added support for writing hierarchical data in ARRAY and ROW datatypes.


Bug fixes

    • DI-7854: Fixed an issue which prevented HTTP REST or WSDL authentication with some SSL configurations such as Mutual SSL authentication.

    • DI-9212: Fixed an issue which inserted a wrong number when copying an Int64 from MongoDB to Oracle Database.

    • DI-9232: "INTEGRATION ORACLE TEMPLATE with CDC": fixed an issue which prevented INCREMENTAL_FLAG from appearing in a "group by" clause.

    • DI-9463: Fixed an issue which prevented Excel metadata from loading in NORMALIZE and FLAT modes.

    • DI-9485: Fixed an issue which caused duplicate columns, and which reversed row_count and row_number.

    • DI-9503: Updated yajsw third-party libraries.

    • DI-9504: Updated yajsw third-party libraries.

    • DI-9507: Fixed an issue which prevented integration flows from writing files when the file name or path contains ampersand (&) characters.

    • DI-9528: Updated the PostgreSQL JDBC driver.

    • DI-9541: Fixed a "schema not found" reverse engineer error when reverse-engineering Avro files that hold unions in a specific order.

    • DI-9547: Updated Spring Web third-party libraries.

    • DI-9548: Updated Spring Web third-party libraries.

DI-9555: Updated Spring Web third-party libraries.

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