Semarchy xDI 2024.1.7 is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDI 2024.1.7.

You can read the release notes (2024.1.7, Base, Cassandra, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Storage Delivery Repository, HashiCorp Vault, HTTP REST, IBM DB2, Kafka, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Delivery Repository, Microsoft Azure Key Vault, Microsoft Azure Service Bus, Microsoft Azure Table Storage, PostgreSQL, SAP).

New Features

  • DI-9949: Added a dedicated process tool to clean temporary SAP tables.

Bug fixes

  • DI-5962: Process action *TOOL Ldap Extractor(search)*: fixed an issue that inserted a blank line after the header, when header generation and table truncation were both switched on.
  • DI-6686: Template *Load Rdbms to Azure*: fixed an issue that stopped bulk loads with columns longer than 8000 characters.
  • DI-8770: Fixed an issue which prevented multiple packages from being imported at the same time.
  • DI-9006: Fixed Open API definition to mention required authentication.
  • DI-9193: Template *INTEGRATION DB2-400*: added a missing commit parameter, which prevented integration flows from passing through a commit step during transactional mode.
  • DI-9270: Updated the creation wizard to make default hosts consistent.
  • DI-9286: Template *INTEGRATION BigQuery*: fixed an issue preventing the template from doing stricter error handling.
  • DI-9287: Template *Load Rdbms to BigQuery*: fixed an issue that prevented {di-product-name-short} from loading the CDC_CHANGE_TYPE column.
  • DI-9302: Template *INTEGRATION Rdbms to JSON*: fixed an issue that generated invalid output when concatenating multiple JSON objects into a JSON array.
  • DI-9307: Fixed query generation when a datastore alias is a reserved keyword. The generated delivery now adds a prefix to the alias, and generates a working query.
  • DI-9481: Implemented recognition of PostgreSQL UUID data types.
  • DI-9543: Updated Apache Commons third-party libraries.
  • DI-9646: Fixed SOAP request authentication with some SSL configurations.
  • DI-9649: Fixed an issue with the WSDL wizard that prevented SSL authentication when certificate validation was disabled.
  • DI-9717: Updated Netty third-party libraries.
  • DI-9750: Fixed an issue that prevented the reverse engineering wizard from reading a local OpenAPI file.
  • DI-9774: Updated ThreeTen third-party libraries.
  • DI-9864: Updated Spring Framework third-party libraries.
  • DI-9936: Fixed an issue that prevented {di-product-name-short} from consuming Avro structured messages.
  • DI-9971: Fixed an issue that generated incorrect SQL queries due to truncated field names in stages.
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